Lizzie Hanis

Head Chica in Charge

Growing up on a farm in rural Fairbury, Illinois and being an only child, I had to use creativity to keep myself entertained a lot of the time. Music has always been a passion of mine & fast forward to design school in Seattle, I've learned how to take advantage my creative skills and connect them together in all facets.

 i am...

  • farm-raised, free-range, & grass fed

  • a designer & artist & creator

  • ​a little bit country & a little bit reggae

  • a drummer & lover of music

  • a free spirit

  • a product of the 80's

  • a jeep-ster

  • kind of a john deere fan

  • ​a surfer soul & paddleboarder

  • an aquired taste but...

  • pretty awesome once you get to know me

  • nothing but love here

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     Based in Seattle, WA.

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