100 delicious ways to eat cookie butter, including recipes!

Cookie Butter is a delicious gift from God. Nuff said.

I'm just gonna say this right now. If you're just discovering cookie butter... You're. Welcome. If you haven't tried Cookie Butter yet, I suggest you run straight to Trader Joe's and grab yourself a jar (or 3). Also check out their Cookie Butter Cookies and other delights while you're there. This is a quarantine essential item for sure!

“Cookies are made with butter and love.” ~Norwegian Proverb

My co-worker just got me hooked on this delicious stairway to heaven. I would say it's similar to a spiced pumpkin flavor if that helps you at all. Okay, so without further ado, here is my list of 100 things you can do with cookie butter. Please feel free to add suggestions in the comment box if there is something I missed on this list. Always welcome new ideas! Enjoy!

Here's the top 100 ways to eat cookie butter with recipes!

Spread on:

1. Waffles

2. Pancakes

3. French Toast

4. English Muffin

5. Bagel

6. Toast

7. Biscuits

8. Rolls

9. Scones

10. Pretzels

11. Saltines

12. Graham Crackers

13. Dunk Girl Scout Cookies in it

14. Cookie Butter Cookies

15. Cookie Butter Cheesecake

16. Fondue

17. Apple Slices

18. Melt and pour over frozen candy bar

19. Mix in with brownies

20. Mix in with blondies

21. Mix in with slutty brownies

22. Melt & pour over ice cream

23. Cookie Butter Swirled Fudge

24. Spiced Apple & Oatmeal Cookie Sandwiches

25. Cookie Butter Brioche Star

26. Cookie Butter Banana Bread

27. Cookie Butter Crumb Muffins

28. Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting 29. Top off a fruit, granola, and yogurt breakfast parfait 30. Cookie ButterMilkshakes

31. Mix in Rice Krispie Treats

32. Filling in homemade cinnamon rolls

33. Grilled PB n J (swap in cookie butter for peanut butter

34. Homemade Cookie Butter Pop Tarts

35. Baked Brie

37. Cookie Butter Ice Cream

38. Dark Chocolate Cookie Butter Bark

39. Cookie Butter Macarons 40. Cookie Butter Macaroons (just add in a couple TBS of cookie butter) 41. Cookie Butter Truffles 42. Cookie Butter Short Bread 43. Stuffed Snickerdoodles 44. Ice Cream Sandwiches 45. Oatmeal Cookie Butter sandwiches 46. Chocolate Cookie Butter Surprise Cupcakes 47. Biscoff Cloud Cookies 48. Cookie Butter Bon Bons

49. Cookie Butter Doughnuts

50. Add it to homemade granola

51. Drizzle over warm bread pudding 52. Use melted cookie butter as a dip for churros 53. Mix it into the topping of an apple crisp 54. Make cookie butter whoopie pies 55. Peanut & Cookie Butter Milkshake 56. Mix it into edible cookie dough 57. Layer it into Hello Dolly Bars 58. Whip it into chocolate mousse 59. Make a quick dip for graham crackers and fruit 60. Blend it into a banana smoothie 61. Stuff French toast with it 62. Roll it into homemade rugelach 63. Melt it into homemade hot chocolate 64. Add it to s’mores 65. Make Apple-Pear Pie with Cookie Butter Caramel 66. Use as filling between layers of cake 67. Biscoff cookie sandwiches 68. Biscoff cookie pie 69. Biscoff filled donut holes 70. Green Apple Cookie Butter Oat smoothie 71. Cookie Butter Chips (use for baking) 72. Cookie Butter Bundt Cake 73. Toasted Oatmeal Cookie Butter Bars 74. Carmel and white chocolate chip cookie Butter blondies 75. Gooey Butter Cake

76. Dunk Oreos into it

77. Swirl it into homemade chocolate bark 78. Fudgy Cookie Butter Hand Pies 79. Cookie Butter Salami Roll-ups 80. Mix it into your mug cake batter 81. Add it to homemade fudge 82. Use it in Ice Cube Tray Chocolate Treats 83. Layer it into homemade babka 84. Blend it into a homemade Frappuccino 85. Cookie Butter Make Puppy Chow 86. Make Scotch-a-roos and sub cookie butter for peanut butter 87. Cookie Butter Cups

88. Cookie Butter Braided Bread

89. Brown Sugar Cookies

90. Cookie Butter Pound Cake

91. Cookie Butter Hand pies

92. Chocolate cookie butter moon pies

93. Apple Pie Pinwheels

94. Cookie Butter Biscotti

95. Toffee Cookies

96. Brownie Cake

97. Espresso Ice Box Cake

98. Cookie Butter Floats (Sub Rootbeer for Porter if you don't want the aloholic version)

99. Eat plain with a spoon

100. Funfetti Tripple Chip Bars

101. SPECIAL BONUS: Do you want to make the cookie butter at home? Here is Speculoo's from Trader Joes diy recipe. :) Speculoos Copycat Homemade Version: #cookiebutter #peanutbutter #desserts

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