31 Scary Movies to watch this Halloween...

Below is a list of Halloween Scary Movies I've compiled for a scary movie a night for the month of October. If you don't see something on here, please feel free to check out the list of 31 Scary movies with sequals post as well as the Family Halloween movie post. :D Gotchya covered

1. Get Out

2.The Shining

3. American Psycho

4. It

5. Bram Stoker's Dracula

6. Frailty

7. Children of the Corn

8. Lights Out

9. Tremors

10. 28 days Later

11. 47 Meters Down

12. Misery

13. The Others

14. War of the Worlds

15. Rocky Horror Picture Show

16. House on Haunted Hill

17. Hill House

18. Sixth Sense

19. April Fools

20. Carrie

21. The Birds

22. The Hills Have Eyes

23. Little Shop of Horrors

24. Open Water

25. Skeleton Key

26. The Lost Boys

27. Ouiji

28. Cujo

29. Ready or Not

30. Cabin in the Woods

31. Hush

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