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Iguana Surf School

Iguana Surf School & Surfearte Photography


We stopped in at Witches Rock which I had heard good things about through a friend of a friend. As soon as you walk in you can tell it's touristy. The attached restaurant seemed mediocre and the store offered a variety of shirts, shorts, suits and gear but was seriously over-priced and we were just not that impressed. So, down the road we walk until we come across Iguana Surf School. The reviews of this place were positive. It certainly looks pretty rad.

When we walked in, we learned there was no one else lined up to for lessons which means my what was supposed to be a group session, turned out to be a private lesson. Group sessions run $45 per person. Not a bad deal. Greg at that point decided he might as well jump on the surf lesson train. Otherwise, to rent a board for the day is $10. Of course, I can't remember our teachers name now but he was awesome! He makes you get out there and catch waves which is good for me because I will just stand there and watch the waves for a while before I find one I like. :D

Greg was all set to rent a board and head out. Of course. The guy fears nothing! Plus, he stood up on the board on our very first lesson out and I of course, got the poo kicked out of me. Yet, I keep coming back for more. Once you stand up and ride a wave, no matter how small, you get addicted. There's no feeling like it. It's too few and far between that we can get to anywhere to surf so we want to get out there as much as possible. I, on the other hand, wanted another lesson.

Literally, Playa Tamarindo is across the street. Super easy to cross the street & hit some waves. And, of course Greg stands up first thing and immediately looks like he knows what he's doing. Me, I had a bit more trouble. Lets just say I'm not super graceful or coordinated. lol.

Ha! Ha! See what I mean about graceful? Of course, the chick from SurfeArte Photography made me look like I knew what I was doing, which rocks. Keep in mind I chose the clumsiest picture for this but considering I really only stood up twice for the whole lesson, she had her work cut out for her. This chick was super cute, way nice and has the coolest dreads too, btw. If she had a website, I would link it but I think she just works exclusively with Iguana S.S. She's amazing!

so fun! I could #surfalldayeveryday

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