Abbacato Restaurant... A Review

Abbacato Restaurant

A Review


This is the most amazing fine dining restaurant we found on our trip to Costa

Rica. We went here our last night in the country as it was closer to the airport than where we stayed the rest of the week. It's run by a couple. She's latin & he's Italian and does most of the master chef-ery. The best part is they don't usually have a menu or it's very limited so you just pick a meat or fish and they bring you four courses of deliciousness.

There are just not enough superlatives to describe this little gem. They did add a menu but if you like to be adventurous, you can pick either a meat or fish and they will bring you 4 delicious courses of whatever they are making for the evening. We, of course, chose one of each and shared everything. Even the stuff we wouldn't normally order (octopus) was phenomenal.

Served along with the grilled octopus, was Ahi Tuna, Filet Mignon, Creme Brulee, Coconut gelatto with banana rum cake topped with a caramel sauce. Dude. Talk about a party in your mouth! That's a Costa Rican fiesta, right there!

Abbacato is located near the Liberia airport so if you are in the area, this place is definitely worth stop.

Please please check out their website and food if you end up on the west coast of Costa Rica. I promise it will not disappoint!

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