Cali Roots - Memorial Day 2017

Wowsa! Was that the coolest trip! Too short but next time maybe we will be able to stay all weekend! Have to be grateful for my one day! It was quite full! Flew in Thursday night and got up early the next morning to meet Nate to hitch a ride down to the fairgrounds in Monterey while poor Greg got stuck working. Which is why he is not in our family photo. lame.

So to be fair, I knew Nate from the Stick Figure Family but I had not met him in person ever and the few peeps I had talked to hadn't met him either. Maybe it's my parnoia from being single for all of my 20's but I messaged Christie & Shanna what I was wearing and description and what time we were meeting up. I'm like if we don't show by this time call the police. (Hey, you can't be too careful, right?)

Greg hung out with me outside the Macy's until Nate found us and we all

gave big hugs. I took my sly selfie with a pic of Nate, his rental car, & made sure to have the liscense plate number showing in the photo. Texted it to Shannah & Christie real quick for back up. Right away, I knew I was over-reacting. lol. Nate's the coolest dude. Super genuine and so generous. (Sorry, Nate! Much love to you Bro!)

We got to the hotel so Nate could check in and drop off his stuff and Ubered to the fairgrounds. Nate got VIP so he got in the snappy fast line. I went around the the riff raff line and of course started talking to the peeps in front of me to pass the time.

Made my way in and ran to locate the Stick Figure Merch Tent. Once I got a grip on that, I literally ran to Ashley's booth to see everyone! Ashely, Shannah, & Christie were all busy working on getting the finishing touches ready for the weekend! She had some amazing merch both made by Christie & Courage for life as well as Ashley's awesome concert photos. I did not win any auctions but what can you do when you're not there when they end? lol. I ended up purchasing photos later after she had the Cali Roots ones done. Those are the ones I wanted, since that was the show I was at. Def. worth the wait! She got some goodies! Plus, she raised a grip of money for saving animals!

I pretty much hung outside Ashley's tent most of the day chillin' with peeps. I got to meet Tanya, Jen, Christie, & Kristy, Talia, Michelle, Jon & Nellie, Brett & Corey, Christian, Nathan Feinstein and all the Iya Terra guys, & so many more people! Very cool day!

Shanna, & The Christies, all took off and staked out a spot for over an hour waiting for the Stick show. I used my VIP pass I aquired (sorry, can't reveal my sources) and realized I was all alone. I didn't wanna see the show by myself, even if I did get these jammy seats. I found the Christies and Shannah so I hopped the 6' wall with a lil help from peeps below. The girl below said "You're gonna try to get through that crowd to your friends over there? Bye Felicia!" I laughed my ass off for a minute & then did my thing. Hunker down low, put your head down and your hands out in front of you and go. Of course I made it to them. It's my thing. If you want to get to the front at a show, find me, I will get you there. I'm small, but feisty.

This is me, imposing on Tanya Sorum & Shannah Henry's shot with Iya Terra

Greg showed up and Aaron peeled off his bracelet to get him in. It's always nice to know that you can still sneak into a concert, even when you're over 40. haha. It was pointed out to me that we are supposed to be past the age of doing these types of things but I say YOLO! We watched part of Rebelution play but ended up heading out after a few songs to go wander. We headed to the merch tent once again and ran into Brandon so we got to chat with him for a few and meet his pa. That was cool. In search of Rachelle's Ohana Kava tent, we found our way (accidentally) to the Anamorphosis Art tent. Finally got us a Stick Lyrics print which we had been wanting for a while. Happy Accident, indeed!

As the night came to a close, we helped Ashely lock up her booth and headed to check out Kashed Out at the after show. It was okay. Ran into the 2 guys who were in my VIP box from when I hopped the wall. One totally recognized me and we all just laughed. I'm super glad that is on video somewhere out in the world. lol. We grabbed dinner at Denny's and got back to the hotel around 3:30 am. BTW, I highly recommend the Bananas Foster Pancakes! Good Times.

After somewhat sleeping in, we woke up and met up with my cousin Steve at a little spot in Monterey who treated us to lunch and bought us a box of the most delicious salted caramels. I had the fish and chips. Yum. After lunch, we made a slow drive up to Santa Cruz and up along the coast to make our way back to the airport.

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