Costa Rica Day 1

Costa Rica Day 1


We finally got in this morning. When we arrived at the airport, we walked right through customs. Just like in Tahiti. There were no bag checks; just a guy to stamp your passport. He almost gave me a stamp on a page that already had one. He looked at me funny when I asked him if we could do it on the next page. Listen, I'm not going to fill the thing up by the time it expires anyway, so just give each stamp its own page. What's the big deal? Sheesh.

We flew into Liberia Airport & rented a car. Not many rental options here & the Dihatsu seems to be the popular choice. They're everywhere here. Right along with Suzuki Samaris & Geo/Chevy Trackers. No Joke!

On our drive down to Tamarindo, the first thing we notice (and it's pretty hard to miss) is that the drivers are bat-shit crazy. Sorry, I know I'm trying not to swear so much but, dude. It looks like the bigger car has the right of way here & pedestrians have to yeild to the vehicles. In fact, when we did stop for pedestrians to cross the road, they kind of laughed at us. We parked at Tamarindo Beach & before we even could get out of the car, Right away, we were hit up to buy the mota. lmao

We exit our vehicle and immediately get shaken down for a couple of bucks for parking. Well, not really for parking per say, but more for protection of your car. I think you know what I mean. Kind of funny but mos def worth it to enure our rental cart stays safe.

We trek up the street of this cool little surfer town to check out the rest. As we were standing on the corner trying to decide where to walk to next, we were approached again for the mota. They disguise it as selling cigars so it's not so obvious. This is about the point where I realize finding this stuff won't be a problem here. It is a massive surfer destination, after all. Next stop; down the street for some lunch.

This little place on the beach called "The Ocean" was pretty cute. It's hard to not like any place with sand bottom floors & a front row ocean view! None of the restaurants here have walls. My kind of lifestyle! The food here was ok. Nothing to write home about but it did the trick. The coffee here on the other hand, is the best I have ever had. Ever. Mainly, we were just exhausted from flying all night. Well more Greg than me. (Thank you Xanex!) The Mr. ordered a burger & I had mac n cheese. I know, I know. Not authentic Costa Rican food whatsoever. Especially for our first Costa Rican meal. Truth be told, I think were both so tired & hungry, we just didn't care. After grubbing down, we headed back to the hotel to take a nap & rest up for the next day. Since I couldn't sleep, I walked around the resort to check out the restaurants. The sushi place had this delicious cocoa-banana drink so I ordered a couple of rolls to take back to the room for a light dinner. I sucked down a couple yummy drinks while I waited. Noms.

We missed sunset so we just hung out & chilled for the rest of the evening. The Stick Figure annual Christmas Stockholder's Meeting was streaming online so Greg got it pulled up and we got to sit in on that out on our porch. It may not sound very exciting for our first night in Central America, but trust me, it was perfect! It doesn't get much better than this!


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