31 Scary Movies with Sequels

Here's a list of our top 31 Halloween Movies that have sequels for October. This should hopefully keep you round 2 Quarantiners slightly entertained this month. Okay, so Sharknado may not be the scariest movie to make the list but the fact that it even has sequels, (yes, plural) it deserves an honorable mention. These are in no way in order of favorite to least favorite. They are just the beginning of a long list of scary tales to get you ready for one of our favorite holidays. Enjoy!

1. Saw

2. Silence of the Lambs / Hanibal

3. Evil Dead

4. Paranormal Activity

5. Twilight

6. Ghost Busters

7. Aliens

8. Blair Witch Project

9. Poltergiest

10. Hotel Transelvania

11. Final Destination

12. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

13. Friday the 13th

14. Scream

15. House

16. Hostle

17. Jeepers Creepers

18. Jaws

19. Unbreakable, Split, Glass

20. The Ring

21. Leprechaun

22. Incidious

23. Exorsist

24. The Conjuring

25. Pet Cemetary

26. Child's

27. Sharknado

28. The Oman

29. Candyman

30. Nightmare on Elm Street

31. Halloween

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