La Bodega... A Reivew

La Bodega

A Review



We read tons of great reviews on Trip Advisor for this place and just had to check it out. This turned out to be one of the best restaurants in Tamarindo! What an adorable little place! What made this place so amazing? First of all, the restaurants are outside so automatically, they are cuter. Just making that point clear. That being said, this little charmer had the best coffee in all of Costa Rica and one amazing menu. All of the offerings are fresh, organic, & local. Does it get any better than that?

StartFragmentThe breakfast sandwiches were equally as simple as they were fresh and scrumptious! Their fresh-baked house rolls with some local sliced ham and and egg, & cheese of course. What topped this bad boy off? The fresh tomato. I'm normally not one for tomatoes unless I'm in the mood for them but these were yummy! EndFragment

The coffee was also super tasty. i really wish we would have purchased more while we were here. they also carry fresh local honey and teas and all kinds of deliciousness. i would like to point out one minor detail. and it's slightly embarrassing because being from seattle, you think i would know this already. however, in my defense, i am new to the coffee drinking world and it just didn't cross my mind until i saw it with my own eyes. okay, here it is. if you order a macchiato, it is a shot, not a full cup of coffee. lol. i will say their latte's are amazing!

StartFragmentBees for Trees is a local Costa Rican organic honey. When you buy a bottle, money goes back into the Costa Rican tropical forests. How dope is that? This honey is tasty, by the way! We bought a bottle to bring home and I wish we would have gotten more. It just gives us an excuse to go back, right?EndFragment


Frank is the surfer dude who runs this place. Cool guy to talk to. He literally quit his corporate job, sold everything he owned and moved down from Texas last year and talking to him with another couple was pretty entertaining. I dunno about you but that's pretty much my American dream right there!

Frank did say he moved down there thinking he would work a little and surf a lot but

followed that up with how he hadn't been able to get out to the water in 2 weeks. I guess that's just the reality of it. When I did ask him if he'd rather work 60 hours a week in C.R. or 40 hours a week in the states, he admitted he would still rather work more hours in a tropical paradise for sure. Boom goes the dynamite! Sold! Thank you Frank! You are the man! Since he's living my dream in the tropics, I had to weigh in, of course!

See, Greg and I have had this conversation numerous times and usually settle on the fact

that we have different theories on how the two of us could actually make this work. He tells me if we did quit our jobs and move to the beach, we would be working harder and more hours because that's just the nature of running your own business. No matter where you are. My theory is that I don't mind putting in more hours as long as I'm doing it somewhere tropical. You would still be at the beach more, in the sun more, palm trees everywhere. You get the idea. Who wouldn't be happier living where others vacation?

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