NYE Denver 2017

NYE 2017 in Denver, CO. was mos def the right way to go! We flew in Saturday morning so we missed the Friday night show with Tatanka but sometimes, unfortunately, adulating does not always allow for fun on a school night. lol. It was well worth the quick trip down though! We finally got to see The Movement play live.

Thanks to Ashley Kidwell Photography for this epic Family Photo taken before the NYE show at Brittish Bulldog Pub.

Miss Ashley Kidwell, herself!

Wishing everyone Happy New Year!

See? Fun, loving, good soul!

The night started off at Brittish Bulldog Pub. Saw a couple in Stick Figure shirts so we decided they were probably with us. lol. We went up to say Hi and realized we were of course friends on fb but also in the family. Whoo Hoo! Success! Ashley showed up not too much later and it was super cool to finally meet her in person! She is one good soul! I got to meet a ton more peeps as they started rolling in and see some old friends from the original Stick Family Meeting on the party bus our last trip to Denver. Shannah, Chelsea, Daniel, & David, Hollie, & Pat, you know who you are. ;) Finally got to meet Brandy, Tracy, Michele, Mark, Maggie, & Trista, & Aaron. I got to give out all of my Dia de los Muertos heads that everyone thinks are creepy but are actually way cool. (Especially when you make them rasta colors)

After finishing up some grub n drinks, we headed down to Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom for the show. Just standing in line was a blast. I met a beanie buddy who had the same hat on as I did. We also got to meet a Art from Seattle; we just had to fly to denver to meet in person. lol.

The movement was stellar as they played Habit which was my fav. It seems to be everyone else's fav too which was kind of cool. Everybody was singing along. So stoked to finally get to watch Gary Jackson play that kit live! I always have to watch the drummers. :D

Then of course, Stick Figure started and everyone goes crazy! The show was killer! A group of the Stick Fam huddled together stage left and cheered the whole time! Then, Stick brought Alific out and did Under Arrest which we had never heard live before. Greg and I just looked at each other like "is this really happening right now?"

They released beach balls all over so I was able to grab a few for Shannah and some peeps which was awesome. I was so distracted by the beach balls I didn't realize it was midnight and almost missed my kiss with Greg. oopsies. lol.

Ashley talked to Scott and was able to get us in back stage after show which was priceless. Hung with Kevin and Casey for a bit. Finally got to meet her in person. She is so adorable! Love that girl! We had some beers with Scott for about an hour, said hi to Cocoa, of course! She was just chillin on the sofa with 50 of her closest friends in the room. haha.

We also stood and chatted with Alific (Brendon) for a while. For those of you who don't know, Brendon is the original bass player with Stick Figure. What a most genuine guy. Super Cool Dude. I suckered two newbies (Patrick & Kathy) into the Stick Family. Ha Ha Ha

I had the opportunity to go talk with Gary Jackson after the show but I got shy and didn't want to bother him. lol.

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