Rootfire Emerald City 2017

Updated: Mar 29

Holy Smokes! What a weekend! Rootfire in Emerald City was amazing and we had some friends stay with us who were amazing and the whole weekend was well...AMAZING!!!

Our little PNW Stick Family!

It all started Friday when Jon & Nelli arrive! We had a BBQ with pulled pork sliders, cole slaw, baked beans, summer pasta salad, corn bread muffins with honey butter, I made a rasta cake that turned out so sad but oh well. I tried.

We had a bunch of peeps show up which was awesome! Some of the Show Buddies group stopped by and hung for a bit. It was pretty fun!

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The next day...

we got up, had a bit O' breakfast and coffee. Jon & Nellie went downtown to check out the Space Needle & things before the show. They still beat us there. haha. Tim & Jill came to grab us & we headed up to Marymoore Amphitheater.

We got our VIP stuff and headed in with virtually no bag check. Crazy. After wandering a bit, we found the VIP section with some peeps already there and had a spot saved for us. Good times! We met up with Jon and traded him 2 of our VIP passes (we had extra with the hookup we got) and we got our All Access wrist bands. Whoo Hoo! Found some Stick Fam walking around! Loved meeting Clista, Mark, & Darcy!

& then the show starts!

We quickly ran to the other side of the fence and found the best seats in the house! These guys hooked us up big time! We were just floored and so honored they would do this for us! What a chance of a lifetime!

We truly are so blessed every day.

This is a shot of the VIP section where all our homies are sitting. We parked our chairs there. lol.

Just before they played Livin' it, Jon drug Nelli out on stage & proposed & she said YES of course! They are super adorable!! Love these two so much! She was so surprised! I was just so proud of myself for not spilling the beans the whole weekend! It was so hard. lol.

It turns out that we had some friends there we didn't even know about until we posted pics on fb later. They were sitting right behind some friends of mine and even ended up in the background of a couple of our pictures. look to the left of the shot. lol. Who Knew?! I of course added her to the Stick Fam. Bwahahahaha

After the show, we wandered aroucnd back stage and found Cocoa! She couldn't look less interested. hahaha You just can't help but love this girl!

I got to finally meet Thomas after the show and thank him in person for everything they have all given us.

Also chatted with Kevin Offitzer, Scott, & Brandon, John, & Tommy a bit out back. I got to show them our new music room wall. I dunno if that scared them a little or they actually thought it was cool. lol.

Sunday we took Jon & Nellie on a fantastic boat ride up the East side of Lake Washington, past the Seahawks practice field, of course. Then over west to Seattle into the UW campus, through the Montlake Cut and up into Lake Union to see all the cool-ass boat houses! Love them so much! Oh, and you can't leave out Gas Works Park. Then we raced back down south to drop them off so they could drive onto their next adventure at Crater Lake. & then on to driving Stick Figure around in a tour bus. Rough times. hahaha

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