Turkey Leftovers...

It's November! So, if you are like me and love you some turkey, then this is the must-read post of the day. I make 3-4 turkeys a year and everyone always asks me why. The answer is simple. Because, once a year is never enough! I mean, why not make Turkey on a non-holiday day? I usually stock up and buy a couple extra during Thanksgiving season because buying a Turkey during the summer time will cost you an arm and a leg for some reason. Is there a shortage somewhere I don't know about? lol.

Need ideas on how to use up all that left-over turkey? I have compiled a list of how to use all the turkey you don't eat. Being that I am huge into freezer meals, this is another reason why I love turkey! You can get so many meals out of one big-ass bird! Most of these will freeze like a breeze! (I will be attaching recipes shortly.)

1. Turkey stock

(Dude, boil up that carcass in a stockpot full of water, add a little salt and bam! You have more quarts of broth than you know what to do with. Don't worry. It freezes.) Not to mention, you can use it in most of these recipes! Boom goes the dynamite.

2. Turkey Tetrazzini

3. Turkey a la King

4. Turkey Noodle Casserole

5. Turkey Noodle Soup

6. Turkey Enchiladas

7. Turkey Pot Pie

8. Turkey Dinner Pot Pie

9. Turkey Samosas

10. and we can't leave out your classic sandwiches like carved turkey breast and open faced covered in gravy!

Long story short, I have discovered that pretty much anything you use chicken in, you can use turkey in. So try replacing chicken with turkey in your favorite recipe and see how let me know how it turns out!

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