My 40th Birthday Stick Figure @ Red Rocks, CO.

Continuing Wandering Wednesdays, (Quarantine Style)

So, this week I'm reliving my 40th birthday celebration at Red Rocks in Colorado. Being that we are still on lock down until at least May 5th here in Washington State, I'm not planning on much of a 42nd birthday celebration this year. I can't complain too much because I'm clearly not the only one who had a birthday during the Covid 19 quarantine lockdown. I feel blessed to have made it to 42 considering I have an alarming number of friends from my lifetime who didn't make it to 40 for all kinds of various reasons. My point is, every day is a gift. Even if we are all stuck in our houses and can't go anywhere and the entire world is literally closed, we are still blessed and have so much to be thankful for.

Revisiting my 40th birthday celebration at Red Rocks in Colorado...

"Life is a book and your forties are the chapters when it all starts making sense.” ~Ancient Internet Proverb

So the celebrations continue as we fly down to Denver for a couple days. First stop before anything else - you guessed it! Steak n Shake! Yum! Yum! I seriously miss this place!

That's my man Greg walking in, lookin all cool and suave.

After gorging on 1 of everything om the menu (don't judge), we checked into our hotel for a nap and got ready for Red Rocks! (You know you're getting old if you actually need to take a nap before a show.)

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” ~Plato

Upon arrival, we were fed into the north side lots and didn't really see anybody we knew so we drove down and around to the upper south lot where we found more tailgaters and Stick Fam then u could imagine. Their family photo turned out epic. Greg and I and a few others missed the pic but what a fantastic group of peeps that were able to make this happen!

We didn't quite make it into the photo and I still don't know who to give cred to this amazing photo full of familiar faces, but a giant shout out to Aaron & Bree Richardville for helping organize this fantastic group of souls!

Even before we got into the show and just tailgating in the parking lot with these fine folks was epic! I got to meet so many familiar faces from the family page which is always a party in itself! I cannot tell you how many Stick Family tees we saw here! It makes it way easier to spot family members instead of just yelling out Stick Figure Family everywhere you walk hoping somebody will know what you are talking about. lol. I found some more family in line waiting to get into the park. We chilled here for a while and met some lady selling cookies so you know I needed me some! They were more potent than expected but delicious for sure! As we headed in and found our seats, we quickly realized we shared the entire front row with just one other couple. How can you beat that?! I just stood there and thought "What did we do to deserve this?"

Check out my Bro, Josh Woodby's vid from the show! Epic Night for sure!

I'm not gonna lie. The beer hit me hard at that elevation level so my back was feeling no pain and I danced & sing my heart out all night long. Don't worry, I paid for it the next few days. Literally my favorite stick show yet! Our buddy, Brandon hooked us up with backstage passes so you know we went on up and we said hello to everyone back there. Big hugs and good vibes all around. Such a great night. Being able to see Red Rocks from the stage view was like no other.

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